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Code-free premium-rate call

To purchase digital web or mobile content, the user can make a premium-rate call to unlock access, with no code to enter.


Today, this solution is offered in the following countries

How it works

This is an innovative micro payment solution using a premium-rate number, which is simplified thanks to dynamic allocation of a telephone number for each web user accessing the payment site. In order to access web or mobile content, the user calls the premium-rate number on the site. This number then becomes the identifier and enables the desired content to be unlocked.


This payment solution aims at simplifying the purchase of digital content by calling a premium-rate number and also at increasing web user satisfaction. As this is a code-free system, the transaction is much quicker and more successful.


The amount of outpayments depends on your level of turnover (VAT not included) generated :




  User cost incl. VAT


  User cost excl. VAT


  Outpayment excl. VAT


  Outpayment rate


France France

3,00 €

2,50 €

1,40 € / call

56,00 %

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